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Words can't begin to express how grateful we are to have had Sunset Blue Productions as a part of our wedding day! As a matter of fact, we had them picked out as our videographer before we were even engaged! They truly do amazing work! We received our video package last night and stayed up until the morning hours (on a work night) watching it! We cried and laughed as we relived our special day and we soaked up every single second of the entire experience. Everything is absolutely perfect! Not only did Sunset Blue capture all the "little moments" that we shared throughout the day but they also did such an amazing job at telling the story of our wedding day! It is by far more than anything I ever expected. We feel so blessed to get to experience our wedding day over and over again for the rest of our lives. It's truly the best gift ever! They are so easy to work with and were MORE Than accommodating. they asked specific questions about our day and what we liked and wanted to capture in our videos and personalized our video exactly how we wanted it. Every single special moment that happened throughout the day, they were there to capture it. They are the best!


Sunset Blue Productions did an incredible job on our wedding videography and I would highly recommend (and already have) to anyone looking for a videographer. While I was hesitant at first to even have a videographer for our wedding, it is (along with our pictures) the best investment we made! Jeff was so accommodating and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that he captured all of the moments that were important to us! We received our video in the mail last week and couldn't have been more pleased with the end result. We stayed up for hours re-living our special day and were amazed at all the little moments that Jeff was able to capture that we either forgot about or weren't part of (ie: it was fun to see the guys getting ready, etc.) Everyone always tells you how fast the day goes by, and I believed them, however; until you live it yourself you don't truly understand just how fast it goes and having this video was the only way I could go back and remember the special moments that now all seem like a blur (ie: walking down the aisle, first look, etc.). Hiring Jeff is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding and provides a life long memory!


Due to budget, we were not going to hire a videographer initially. But after seeing a coworkers wedding video from Sunset Blue, I knew that it would be something we would treasure forever. We could not have made a better decision! It is so amazing having a 5 minute video to remember all of the details and vibe of your day. Casey was our videographer, and he was so easy to work with and professional. I often forgot that he was there (in a good way!) and even our photographer commented on how easy he was to work with. Having him a part of our day only made the experience better and having our most treasured memories captured on video is the icing on the cake. If you're on the fence about videography, hire Sunset Blue right now. You will not regret it.


We worked with Sunset Blue productions to record our engagement party and our wedding. I live out of state and planned my Minnesota events from California. Jeff was incredibly easy to work. We spoke over the phone and we were able to have 1 meeting in person prior to our events. He is incredibly responsive via email. I explained the Jeff the visions I had for my engagement and wedding party and he truly captured every moment way better than I could have hoped. I must have watched every videographer video on several sites before I choose. Sunset Blue Production's work stood out to me. I asked for a fun, upbeat video- to make it look like our celebration was a HUGE party all day long and everyone was having the time of their lives. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my video! I must have watched it a million times. I am Egyptian and my husband is Afghan, we each had traditional moments in our wedding we wanted captured. Jeff truly delivered everything we asked for and more. Plus, he’s just a super nice guy to work with. I totally recommend Sunset Blue Productions!


When I initially started planning my wedding I was unsure whether I wanted to hire a videographer as I was aware they tend to be expensive. As I was researching videographers I stumbled on Sunset Blue Production's website and sat and watched every video on their website! Every video was so well done and professional looking and unique-not a "cookie cutter" wedding video. At first I was a little apprehensive about the cost and researched other companies-but none even compared to Sunset Blue, so I bit the bullet and contacted them. I worked with Jeff (the owner)-and he was very professional and prompt in his emails and calls. He was very patient answering all my questions, I could tell he had experience working with crazy brides! On the day of my wedding, I didn't even notice he was there! He was able to capture every moment of the day, without "stealing my moment" with his camera. After my wedding I still was a little hesistant about the amount of money I spent on a product I had not even seen yet-untiil I received my dvds a few month later! Sunset Blue produced a video that was heart stopping and brught back every moment of my wedding. Friends and family that weren't able to attend watched the video and felt like they were there. It looked like a movie with perfect songs set up to it and my husband and I were the stars. If I could give any suggestion to any bride-it would be "get a videographer!". Cake and food gets eaten and flowers fade, but the videos I received from Sunset Blue will last forever! Thank you so much!


Oh. My. Goodness…. JEFF. First of all, I screamed when I saw your email. I was so excited that it would be ready so soon!!! You must have spent a ton of time on that, and it was such a wonderful surprise to be able to get it so soon!

Much more importantly… Todd and I sat down and started watching it. I cannot explain the complete wave of emotion that came over both of us. I think it was almost overwhelming. I started sobbing. He started tearing up. I have never seen anything so amazing in my life. I know I cried for some of your other videos, but seriously…. this completely took me by surprise. This is so unbelievably put together… it literally sent me right back to that day and I felt all of the wonderful emotions all over again. I am so happy right now. I can’t even describe how I feel…. I just kept watching it and soaking up every detail. You managed to capture the true emotion and personality of each of us, along with thoughtful details that were so important to us from that day. It was put together so well that we’ve already heard from friends and family that it brought tears to their eyes too. It was nothing short of amazing.

Thank you so much. I am still teary eyed as I write this. You have a gift and we are so lucky that you were a part of our day, capturing our memories. We are so excited that this is now a part of our history and that 50 years from now we can show this video to our grandchildren and cry all over again. I am truly filled with joy.

Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see the rest! So exciting! 🙂

Laura & Todd


Jeff did an absolutely incredible job on our wedding! He blended in and took so many photos I didn’t realize it until I got the DVD – and they’re great! I love how many moments he captured and there are so many photos I want to print, I’m not sure where to begin. 🙂 Everyone who has seen our photos has complimented his work, and has been simply amazed by how beautifully he recorded our day. The photos from the Conservatory were stunning!!

Thank you so much for all of your work – Jeff was personable, professional and a really great person to work with. We appreciated his laid back style, and he did a fantastic job getting all of our requested photos!

THANKS again!!!

-Mandi & Josh (March 2010 Wedding Photos)


We received our photos yesterday, and I just want to say Thank You. They look amazing!!! You did a fine job. Thank you again…We are very pleased!!!

Amanda & Gordon (wedding photos)


We were very impressed with the pictures Jeff took of our family. These shots are some of the best we’ve seen of our kids! Our extended family also loved the individual shots of the children and wanted their own copies. We were very pleased with the quality of the pictures and the photo book that he put together. Jeff was very easy to work with and not only had great original ideas, but also listened to what we wanted and incorporated our ideas into his shots. After we ordered our pictures, they came to us within days. We would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for some great family pictures!

Tom and Amy (family photos)


“Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our one month anniversary. The best gift we could have asked for was the amazing wedding video you mailed to us! We got it when we got home last night…Much earlier than we ever anticipated! We immediately put it in the DVD player and spent the night watching it over and over again.

I must say that we are just speechless at the job you did! The entire production was beautiful! You captured every aspect of our special day! That video will keep every memory of our wedding alive! The Romantic Reel is just incredible. I think we watched just that part alone a dozen times. The song you picked was so fitting for our wedding and our taste!

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful, professional, touching job you did on our wedding video.

We will recommend you to everyone and anyone we can…We would also like to say
That after everything is said and done, that video is the best Investment we made!!!”

Thanks again!
Jared and Julie (wedding video)

From the beginning we knew this was going to be a great investment. We couldn’t be any more pleased with your professionalism, flexibility, and artistic gift! It was amazing the quality that was developed because we truly were ‘reliving’ every moment again. I especially enjoyed and appreciated that you captured the cake feeding and me winning all those games!

Above all, we really felt that you genuinely cared for us and sincerely wanted to share your gift to make us feel special and that’s never a bad feeling. I recall throughout the day my husband (the original skeptic) kept commenting on how pleased he was and thanking [me] for making the best (above food, photography, cake, etc.) investment. Even before the wedding celebration was over, he was excited to see the final product…his compliments for you never stopped!

Thank you for making it incredibly stress-free to work with you and going above and beyond even what we had expected. You truly made both of our hearts smile and we can’t wait to share our day with others. We are extremely grateful for your constant commitment to only delivering the highest quality! I could watch your ‘masterpiece’ over and over again. Please accept our sincerest thanks for everything. We wish you nothing but success in the future! Many thanks!”

Yen & Frank (wedding video)


Thank you so much for talking me into having the Highlight Video done. It completes’ the whole video. Our videographer who was great to work with, very conscientious of the other vendors and really made a great impression on our Deacon. Thank you so much for everything!

Cory & Sarah (wedding video)


Just wanted to say that my sister loved her wedding video! My husband and I paid for a video as a surprise present for her wedding. She received the DVDs last week and her husband and her were thrilled. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Renee & Adam (wedding video)

Dear Jeff,

After watching Emily and Kevins’ wedding dvd on Thanksgiving morning, and then twice more before the weekend was over, I must let you know how wonderful it was for all of us to enjoy! You did an amazing job in editing and the videographer went above and beyond his time to make some of the best viewing of the reception outdoors as the sun was setting. I am thankful for professionals like yourselves who really do deliver the best for their client. Thank you once again and may you continue in success as we enter the new year.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Pamela (MOB)

Sunset Blue Productions is a photography and video productions company based in Minnesota (Minneapolis and St Paul).   Sunset Blue Producitons does many photo and video productions, specializing in wedding cinema (video) and photography.